Zauschneria canum

‘Silver Select’



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Zauschneria canum ‘Silver Select’ CALIFORNIAN FUCHSIA
(Also known as: Epilobium canum, hummingbird trumpet flower, wild fuchsia, firechalice, kolibritrumpet)

A sub-shrub with greyish silver-green foliage and fuchsia-like scarlet trumpets growing to 70cm. It eagerly displays masses of flowers late in the season. When most native plants are dormant, Zauschneria canum ‘Silver Select’ CALIFORNIAN FUCHSIA puts on a show with ease. The flowers are really designed for nector seeking birds. It’s late flowering habbit provides a good late feed in the season to such birds. This plant Loves Full Sun, hot & dry.

Right at home in a mixed border.

The flowers alone, are reason enough to grow them. Although no other California Fuchsia has foliage that gets even close to being as ashy white as this cultivar. This makes it nearly equally as impressive and enjoyable. A growth that can also be enjoyed for most the year.

Growing: Zauschneria canum ‘Silver Select’

– Height with flowers: 70cm approx.
– Width: 50cm approx.
– Position: Full sun, can tolerate Partial shade.
– Soil: Prefers well drained soil but can tolerate low moisture. Also nutrient poor soils and rocky conditions.

– Fragrance: None but the foliage and flower show makes up for that.
– Frost: Hardy.
– Growth: Herbaceous Perennial.

– Attracts:
Although it is still very good at attracting bees and other pollinators, It’s got the common name “Hummingbird plant” for a reason. Because these plants flowers are really designed for hummingbirds or any nectar seeking birds.  to the area it is planted.

– Care: A low and easy care plant that doesn’t really require pruning but can take to a cut with ease.
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Known to be a good rabbit and deer resistant plant.
– Origin: A native to dry slopes and in chaparral of western North America, especially California.


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