Weigela florida

‘Eva Rathke’


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Weigela florida ‘Eva Rathke’

Mass of deep crimson. Dark foliage. 1.5m.

Very hardy shrub. Sun or 1/2 shade. Frost hardy.


Growing: Weigela florida ‘Eva Rathke’

– Height with flowers: 150cm approx.
– Width: 150cm approx.
– Position: Full Sun to Partial Shade.
– Soil: Prefers a moist but well drained soil.
– Fragrance: Scented blooms.
– Frost:
Very frost hardy.
– Growth:
Deciduous Shrub.

A showy mid shrub

– Attracts: Nectar seeking birds and all types of beneficial pollinators.
– Care: Established shrubs will benefit from removing older inner branches in late winter. This will let more light and air through the plant and improve the shrub’s growth and bloom the following season. A light prune to shape can also be done at the same time. But generally a low maintenance and easy plant.
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: It is known as a good deer and rabbit resistant option.
– Origin: Native to North China, Korea, and Japan.


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