Viburnum plicatum forma tomentosum ‘Pink Beauty’


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Viburnum plicatum forma tomentosum ‘Pink Beauty’ –

A beautiful shrub with fiery autumn foliage and glorious pink flower heads. Viburnum plicatum forma tomentosum is a Hardy shrub growing to 2.5 meters and likes Sun and 1/2 Shade.


– Height with flowers: 350cm approx.
– Width: 250cm approx.
– Position: Full Sun and also Partial Shade
– Soil: Preferably Well Drained, but will tolerate a range of soil conditions. As long as it isn’t waterlogged.

– Fragrance:
– Frost: Hardy
– Growth: Deciduous Shrub
– Attracts: Butterflies as well as bees and other beneficial pollinators.

– Care: Easy care plant. Will take to a prune and shape at any time of the year. Hard pruning is also commonly done in late winter or early spring while it is still dormant. Total removal of old growth is not always necessary.
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Not first choice for these nibbling pests.
– Origin: 


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