Veronica spicata subsp. incana



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Veronica spicata subsp. incana

This rarely offered variety produces beautiful silver foliage and royal blue spires. Resulting in a great contrast plant that grows to around 30cm. Veronica spicata subsp incana is a very useful plant that enjoys full sun to part shade. It fits into a rockery or a border with ease. It forms a tangled evergreen mat of grey leaves on woody stems, with tall straight spires of small blue flowers in summer. Some would say it almost resembles a lavender plant, but it really is a show of its own.

The genus name honors Saint Veronica, who reportedly gave a handkerchief to Jesus so he could wipe sweat from his face on the way to the Cross. Some plants within the genus even have markings that resemble the markings on the sacred handkerchief.

A plant that is well suited to a range of situations including rockeries, as well as mixed flowering garden beds. Also perfect as an edging plant or between taller shrubs or roses. 

A tough performer

This reliable beauty shrugs off frost, and will grow quite happily in dry and arid conditions. Resulting in a great water saving option. Easy to grow, requiring very low care and is fairly pest and disease-free. 

Growing: Veronica spicata subsp. incana

– Height with flowers: 30cm approx.
– Width: 25cm approx.
– Position: Full Sun to Partial Shade
– Soil: It prefers moist yet well drained soils. However it will tolerate a range of dry and arid conditions.

Reliable and beneficial for wildlife

– Fragrance: – 
– Frost: Very Hardy.
– Growth: Herbaceous Perennial.
– Attracts: Butterflies and also other beneficial pollinators. Veronica spicata became a protected species in the UK in 1975 under the Conservation of Wild Creatures and Wild Plants Act.

Easy, low maintenance

– Care: An easy care and low maintenance plant that will benefit from a prune when last frost has passed. In addition it will enjoy a fertilise in early spring but isn’t necessary.
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Known to be left alone by these nibbling enemies. It is pretty pest free in general.
– Origin: Native to Eastern Europe and Russia.


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