Thalictrum delavayi


Thalictrum delavayi, is often known as Lavender Showers or Chinese Meadow Rue.

Clouds of lilac-mauve

Because each plant creates clouds of lilac mauve, billowing up to an impressive. 1.2m.
And although each flower is small, the effect of a misty mass of flowers is beautiful.

Hardy in Dry Shade

Lavender showers is noted for its ability to flourish and flower profusely in shaded gardens. 
But it is treasured by gardeners who contend with Dry Shade under trees and shrubs. Because Lavender Showers can really shine there, with a minimum of water and attention.
So Thalictrum delavayi, Lavender Showers, does best in Part Shade to Full Shade, but can tolerate Full Sun in cooler districts if well mulched.

Can tolerate summer humidity as well as dry soil

Thalictrum delavayi tolerates summer humidity well and so makes a very useful shade plant for sub-tropical gardeners.

Fragrance & cut flowers

The foaming froth of flowers have a delicate scent, and you can cut whole stems of heads to fill a vase.
They make excellent, long lasting cut flowers. 
The cloud of flowers also provides an excellent pollen source for bees during the long lasting flowering season.
And if you leave the flower heads to go to seed, they also provide winter feed for small seed eating birds such as finches.

More mists in the shade

Once established your Thalicrum delavayi will gently self-seed in the garden bed.
Meadow Rues are never invasive, and volunteer seedlings are always welcome to make more clouds of blossom at the back of the garden bed, or under trees and shrubs.

Growing: Thalictrum delavayi

– Height with flowers: 120cm approx.
– Width: 90cm approx.
– Position: Best in Part Shade to Full Shade, but can tolerate Full Sun in cooler districts.
– Soil: Not fussy, and will tolerate periods of dry soil well. Will tolerate clay, as well as soils with a higher lime content. Happily thrives in either acid or alkaline (lime) soils, with a pH on either side of neutral. 

Water-wise in Shade

Water-wise: Thalictrum delavayi is considered a very water-wise plant, particularly for Dry Shade. It has minimal water needs once established under trees and shrubs or in a shaded bed.
– Frost: Thalictrum delavayi is extremely frost hardy, as it is able to tolerate hard frosts to below -20C.
– Growth: Perennial which dies back in the winter and then re-shoots each spring. The parent clump is permanent and lasts for many years. But if your Thalictrum delavayi finds itself in a shaded bed under trees or shrubs, it should also provide some volunteer baby seedlings to share.

Other benefits

– Fragrance: Pretty, soft sweet scent.
– Beneficial for wildlife: Bees, butterflies and other beneficial pollinators adore the nectar rich clouds of flowers. Winter seed heads can also benefit small seed eating birds.
– Care: Very easy, low care plant with little to no maintenance required. An annual cut back at the end of the season is the only work possibly required.
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Resistant to rabbits and deer. Even slugs and most pests seem to ignore Meadow Rues completely.
– Origin: Who would have believed with a name like Chinese Rue, that it is native to the forests and woodlands of China.


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