Teucrium scordonia ‘Crispum’



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Teucrium scordonia ‘Crispum’

Teucrium scordonia ‘Crispum’ is an aromatic foliage plant, grown for the beauty of both it’s fragrance and foliage.
It is particularly lovely because the aromatic leaves are all frilled and ruffled at the edges.

A “cussedly” tough plant

It is also known as a “cussedly” tough plant.
As it can handle both heavy or dry shade, grows happily in sun or shade, and survives hard frosts.
Plus it has a low water need, thus also qualifying as a “cussedly” water saving plant. 
So Teucrium scordonia ‘Crispum’ is truly easy and useful to fill all manner of difficult garden corners.

Plant’s scent is an insect barrier

Lime – yellow flower spikes are borne in summer, but the chief asset is really the ruffled foliage.
Teucrium scordonia ‘Crispum’ makes a rounded evergreen mound of that attractive, fresh, scented foliage, to approximately 30cm.
The refreshingly aromatic foliage is also useful as an insect barrier.
So plant where it can help protect your fruit, vegetables or roses; or just plant to enjoy the beauty of its foliage in those tough, heavily shaded areas.

Growing: Teucrium scordonia

– Height with flowers: 30cm approx.
– Width: Evergreen rounded mound to a diameter of 40cm – 60cm approx.
– Position: Deep Shade, Woodland, Dappled sunlight. So perfect for dry shade under trees.
– Soil: Prefers sandy/well drained soils. And can tolerate dry soil conditions well.

– Fragrance: Aromatic foliage which is refreshingly pleasant to us humans, but repellent to sucking and flying insect pests. 
– Frost Hardy:
Hardy even in severe frosts to below -15C.
– Growth:
Evergreen perennial mound.
– Beneficial for Wildlife: Attracts butterflies and also other beneficial pollinators.

– Care: Easy care. Other than cutting back after flowering to promote the production of new growth, it doesn’t require much other work if any at all.
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Such pests are generally turned away by the aromatic foliage.
– Origin: Native to hotter and drier areas Tunisia and Western Europe. Hence it’s hardy, tough and adaptable nature.


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