Tellima grandiflora

‘Forest Frost’



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Tellima grandiflora ‘Forest Frost’

Wands of lime green bells to 30cm, Rising on tall spikes above semi-evergreen rosettes of hairy, scalloped, silvery, dark green leaves with dark purple veins and, in late spring foliage. Tellima grandiflora ‘Forest Frost’ enjoys a moist but well drained spot in Partial Shade or Deep Shade.

Tough & Easy

An easy to grow option and is hardy in dry and frost conditions. Perfect for growing in a spot shaded under trees or shrubs where it may get a bit dry sometimes.


Growing: Tellima grandiflora ‘Forest Frost’

– Height with flowers: 30cm approx.
– Width: 30cm approx.
– Position: Deep Shade as well as Partial Shade.
– Soil: Ideally humus-rich, moist but well drained. However it will tolerate a range of soils as long as it isn’t too wet.

– Fragrance:
– Frost:
– Growth:
Herbaceous Perennial.
– Attracts: Birds as well as all sorts of beneficial pollinators.

– Care: Low care and easy maintenance. A tidy up of old leaves and blooms is all that is really needed.
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Known as a resistant plant to the pests as they find the texture unpalatable.
– Origin: Native to the north of Western USA.


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