Soldanella montana ‘Alba’

The rare white form of Soldanella montana that is absolutely charming in the rock garden. Soldanella montana ‘Alba’ provides Winter flowers that sit strongly above a neat mound of deep leathery foliage. In too much sunshine the leaves can become pale and suffer browning or burnt spots, however it can tolerate Morning Sunlight.


Growing: Soldanella montana ‘Alba’

– Height with flowers: 15cm approx.
– Width: 25cm approx.
– Position: Ideally Woodland/Dappled Light setting. They can tolerate Partial Shade but harsh Sun will scorch growth.
– Soil: Grows very happily in consistently moist conditions but not waterlogged.

– Fragrance: None.
– Frost:
Very hardy to -15C.
– Growth:
Herbaceous Perennial.
– Attracts: Bees and also other beneficial pollinators.

– Care: Keep new plants watered after planting but otherwise minimal care is needed once established.
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Resistant to these pests because they find it unpalatable. Protection from slugs and snails in the Winter and Spring may be required. Mainly before flowering because buds form down near ground level so they are very susceptible to damage before blooming.

– Origin: Soldanella montana is native to mountainous areas across much of Europe. Where as this rare white form originated in Tasmania, Australia.

-History: This rare Soldanella montana originally came from Essie Huxley, a well known and missed, beloved gardener. She was part of a hub of native gardeners in Longley at the foothills of Kunanyi/Mount Wellington, Tasmania. She was mostly known for her collection of rare plants and especially her Waratahs.
Marcus Harvey of Hill View Rare Plants worked along side her for many years. He has stories shared of their time together on his online ‘ramblings’. A truly interesting team they were.


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