Sisyrinchium x bermudiana

‘Amber Star’


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Sisyrinchium x bermudiana ‘Amber Star’ 

Gorgeous amber-tan stars bloom right through summer on Sisyrinchium x bermudiana ‘Amber Star’. 
This unusual amber-tan colour is striking, and just perfect under apricot, orange or lemon roses.
As ‘Amber Star’ continues to bloom through summer and autumn, it is a perfect colour companion plant for your roses. 

Tight foliage fans make a neat border year round  

And the flock of little stars hover above tight fans of narrow Iris like leaves, making Sisyrinchium x bermudiana ‘Amber Star’ neat and formal all year round.
So this super hardy little plant, also makes a great edge to a garden, or feature in a container.  

Cant be beaten for toughness

Sisyrinchium as a family can’t be beaten for toughness.
So they succeed in either Sun or Shade; cope well with dry spells; are very frost and heat hardy; and succeed even in poor soil.
So they are often chosen for low maintenance garden designs, and seaside gardens.
Though please note ‘Amber Star’ flowers will close in dark and open with the light. 

Water-wise & low maintenance

Sisyrinchium are very water-wise and drought tolerant plants.  
As well, pests and diseases don’t bother them.
They certainly qualifies as easy care, low maintenance, and downright tough plants.

Growing Sisyrinchium x bermudiana ‘Amber Star’:

Height with flowers: Upright spires of amber-tan stars to 45cm. approx. over summer and autumn. Plus evergreen foliage clump all year round to approx. 25cm.
Width: Neat, formal foliage clump with diameter of approx. 25cm.
Position: Planted in Sun to Shade, Amber Star’ tolerates heat and dry spells well, once established. However please note flower stars need light to open (they close at night).
Soil: Because ‘Amber Star’ is such an easy going plant, it will tolerate a wide variety of soils, from sandy to clay, gravel to heavy, acid pH to alkaline lime. Permanently waterlogged soils are not suitable, but it copes well with sandy and seaside locations. It is a very water-wise plant, and actually enjoys to dry out between waterings. Drought hardy.
Frost: Reliably frost hardy to -10C and probably below.. 
Growth: Evergreen perennial.

Other benefits

Beneficial for wildlife: Bees find ‘Amber Star’ flowers very useful, as they are rich in both pollen and nectar.
Care: Extremely easy growing and low maintenance plant, because the only work required is a an annual trim of the spent flower spires after summer-autumn blooming. You can tidy foliage at the same time if necessary.   
Deer & Rabbit resistant: Sisyrinchium foliage is not favourite food for rabbits and deer, because the sword shaped leaves are quite tough and fibrous. However ‘if the munching pests are very hungry, it may not be completely immune.
Fragrance: None I am afraid.

Stars on banknotes

Sisyrinchium bermudiana is a native wildflower on the island of Bermuda. Here the locals quite rightly love this attractive little plant, and proudly display the star flowers everywhere they can. Should you be lucky enough visit Bermuda you can hardly escape seeing them; as jewellery, on tablecloths, and even on their banknotes. It is a flower worth being proud of though.


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