Salvia spathacea

Salvia spathacea PITCHER SAGE is a vigorous spreading salvia with scented foliage makes a great statement in the garden. This hardy salvia native to southern and central California has deep crimson flower heads.

Tough as nails

But best of all, Salvia spathacea is unperturbed by heat, dry conditions, or less than perfect soil.
So you have a “tough as nails” plant when you add in a low need for water and frost hardiness.

Growing: Salvia spathacea

– Height with flowers: 60cm approx.
– Width: 150cm approx.
Position: Full Sun is preferred, though it can adapt to a little Partial shade. As long as the shade is not damp or dank.
Soil: Very adaptable, and can handle soils from sandy, gravel or rocky to good garden loam. However it does enjoy good drainage, and will rot out if it remains waterlogged.
Therefore it is well suited to coastal gardens with sandy soils, as well as gardens with rich soil. 

Water-wise: Once it is established, Salvia spathacea requires very little extra water, and actually quite likes to dry out between waterings. It is a very water-wise plant.
Frost: Tolerates frosts to approximately -5C.
Fragrance: The foliage is aromatic, and has a fresh scent reminiscent of camphor.
Growth: Herbaceous Perennial.

Beneficial for wildlife: Birds, Bees and Butterflies love the flowers for nectar and pollen. And they are very appreciative of continuous long blooming. 
Care: Low maintenance and easily grown. The only work is to trim back to tidy up at the end of autumn.
Deer & Rabbit resistant: Yes! Because rabbits and deer don’t like the scent or taste of the foliage.
– Origin: Central and South America, Eastern Asia, Central Asia and Mediterranean.


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