Violet purple black stems
65cm. Sun-½ Shade

A seedling found at Lambley Nursery and raised by David Glenn. Assumed to be a hybrid between Salvia x superba ‘Tanzarin’ and Salvia nemorosa ‘Ostfriesland’. Tall, strong spikes of glowing dark violet purple flowers, these are held on dark, near black stems, providing great contrast. Withstands dry conditions once established.

– Height with flowers: 65cm approx.
– Width: 50cm approx.
– Height with flowers: 45cm approx.
– Width: 30cm approx.
– Position: Full sun or Partial shade
– Soil: Well drained, very adaptive
– Fragrance: Foliage
– Frost: Hardy
Growth: Perennial
– Attracts: Birds, Bees and Butterflies
– Care: Low maintenance, Prune after flowering to keep compact

– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Yes! They don’t like the scent, Just like with culinary sage.
– Origin: Central and South America, Eastern Asia, Central Asia and Mediterranean.

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