Salvia leucantha

‘Velour Pink’


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An exciting colour break from the common royal purple Sage. These elegant long flower spikes have the softest hue of pink trumpets peeking from silver velvet.  Very attractive combined with the silvery green foliage.

A particularly easy to grow salvia, which makes an eye-catching show over late summer through autumn, and on into winter. Wonderfully long and prolific blooming.

The aromatic foliage forms a clump, suckers form from the base each new growing season, slowly increasing the clump size. Well known for tough garden performance, and used in low water, low maintenance landscaping.

Makes an outstanding cut flower, and particularly useful with its’ autumn and into winter long and prolific blooming period.

– Height with flowers: 100cm approx.
– Width: 70cm approx.
– Position: Full Sun but will also tolerate Partial Shade if well drained and not damp. Suits coastal gardens. The tough foliage tolerates wind-blown sites well. Once established copes well with dry and hot periods.
– Soil: Well drained. Very adaptable to a wide range of soil types. Copes well with lime, and sandy or poorer soils. 
– Fragrance: Foliage is aromatic.
– Frost: Very frost hardy to approximately -10C. If cut back by hard frost will re-shoot from the base in spring.
– Growth: Herbaceous Perennial. 
– Beneficial to wildlife: Honey eating birds, bees, butterflies and other useful pollinators – find the late flowering season over autumn and into winter a huge boost, at a time of the year when little else flowers so abundantly. 
– Care: Low maintenance. An annual shear to the ground in late winter is all that is required.
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: The aromatic oils in the foliage and velvety texture make it generally unpalatable to rabbits and deer.
– Origin: Native to conifer forests in subtropical central and eastern Mexico, and other parts of Central America.

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