Salvia guaranitica ‘Argentine Skies’

Sky blue.
Stands humidity & dry
Full Sun to ½ Shade


Height with flowers: 90cm approx., but can be taller in more shade, or shorter if given an annual shear to the ground.
Width: 25cm approx. but will spread if allowed.
Position: Full Sun, Partial Shade. Will cope in dry positions sheltered by trees and shrubs. Well adapted to humidity.
Soil: Well drained preferred but very adaptable. Tolerates lime soils well. Suitable for coastal gardens and sandy soils. Tolerates clay if does not become waterlogged. 
Fragrance: Foliage is aromatic, reminiscent of anise.
Frost: Hardy to approximately -2C. If winter frosts are harder the plant will retreat to underground rhizomes and reappear in spring. Fortunately it is happy under the overhead cover of trees and shrubs, where it is more sheltered from frosts.
Growth: Perennial
Beneficial to Wildlife: Nectar rich flowers are beneficial to native honey eating birds, bees and butterflies.
Care: Low maintenance, Can be sheared to ground level annually to keep more compact.
Deer & Rabbit resistant: The anise-like aroma of the foliage is distasteful to rabbits or deer. 
Origin: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay.


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