Rehmannia elata BEVERLEY BELLS –

Spires of very showy, large, pink, foxglove-like flowers on stems to 80cm. Rehmannia elata BEVERLEY BELLS – Also called Chinese Foxglove, though not related. Long blooming with repeats from mid spring right through to end of autumn. Foliage makes a dense groundcover, with the spires of flowers soaring above. Tough, hardy, adaptable plant that will make do in a variety of positions, from Shade, through 1/2 Shade and Dappled Light, to Full Sun. Frost hardy. Tolerates humidity and sub-tropical climates. Dislikes wet spots. An old favourite because it is so easy and low maintenance. Can manage on low watering, especially if it gets some shade. Spreads but not invasive.


– Height with flowers: 80cm approx.
– Width: 50cm approx.
– Position: Deep shade, through 1/2 Shade and Dappled Light, can also grow in Full Sun.
– Soil: Tolerates a range of soil and conditions, As long as it isn’t too wet.
– Fragrance: Unfortunately no fragrance, the beautiful blooms gladly make up for this.
– Frost:
– Growth:
Herbaceous Perennial.
– Attracts: Bees, butterflies and other beneficial pollinators.
– Care: Easy care and low maintenance.
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Known to be left alone by such pests.
– Origin: Native to China.

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