Phlox subulata ‘White Delight’

Phlox subulata ‘White Delight’ creates a carpet of white in spring, like snow on the ground.
Because it simply covers itself with pristine flowers.
(See “Growing” section below for plant and cultivation details).

You can’t fit a pin between the flowers

The carpet of of star flowers is so prolific, you cannot fit a pin between them in spring.
However even when it is not in flower, ‘White Delight’ is a garden asset for its beautiful foliage colour and texture.
It is an excellent choice for binding slopes, draping along an edge, or spilling from a decorative container. it looks sensational where it can drape over something.

Hardy, weed suppressing groundcover

‘White Delight’ is a useful and hardy, weed suppressing groundcover for all year round. 
Because it creates such a dense, cushion of deepest emerald green, fine foliage. 

Just calls to be patted

The deep emerald green of the little needle like leaves make such an attractive carpet of texture.
It resembles moss, but is ever so much tougher. You cannot resist wanting to pat it.

Growing: Phlox subulata ‘White Delight’

– Height with flowers: Forms a dense cushion of foliage to 10cm. approx. high. When it blooms the star flowers blanket the surface of the cushion. 
– Width: Creates a circular mat with a diameter of 60cm. approx.
– Position: Full Sun, or can tolerate Partial Shade, as long as it is not too damp.
But it really prefers to bask in the sun, and likes to be well drained.

Drought resistant & water-wise

– Soil: ‘White Delight’ is not a bit fussy, and will tolerate most types of soil. As long as it is well drained.
And it can tolerate sandy, stony, gravel and poor soils, as well as lime. It is also suitable for seaside gardens, as it can also tolerate some salt in the wind. It can also tolerate some summer humidity, because of its very wide native range, including the summer humid southern states of USA.
– Water-saving: Phlox subulata ‘White Delight’ is a water-wise plant.
It is rated as drought resistant once established. So it will not require much extra water, or very frequent watering, except in long dry spells and when first planted. 
– Frost: Phlox subulata ‘White Delight’ is extremely frost hardy, and can endure even hard frosts to below -20C. 

Hardy & easy groundcover

– Growth: Thick cushioning, evergreen groundcover.
– Fragrant: The massed flowers have a lovely scent.
– Beneficial for wildlife: Butterflies and other beneficial pollinators just love sipping from the nectar rich flowers. One plant in flower is a feast, because there are so many flowers to feed from.
– Care: It is rarely if ever subject to any pests and diseases, and requires little to no maintenance.
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Phlox subulata is rated as deer and rabbit resistant, and it is a fair way down their menu card. Though it would not be immune if they were starving.
– Origin: Phlox subulata has a wide habitat range. It can be found in dry, rocky or sandy places, and open woodland areas, from the central west to the southern states of USA. These diverse habitats, from winter snow to summer humidity and heat, explains it’s natural hardiness and ability to adapt.