Petalostemon purpureum



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Petalostemon purpureum


Slowly opening flowers up the stem, are bright purple, and very pretty. Petalostemon purpureum PURPLE PRAIRIE CLOVER is a valuable addition to the garden. Nonetheless a very drought resistant plant, and the deep taproot will add beneficial nitrogen to your soil.

Will provide seedlings but not a self-seeding pest

May self-seed in optimum growing conditions, but this can be avoided if dead-headed promptly. Also seedlings can be weeded out accordingly, since it is not an aggressive self seeder.


Growing: Petalostemon purpureum

– Height with flowers: 50cm approx.
– Width: 30cm approx.

Tough & tolerant

– Position: Full Sun and Partial Shade
– Soil: Prefers a well drained soil but will tolerate almost any soil conditions. Provided that it isn’t consistently wet and boggy.

– Fragrance:
– Frost: Hardy
– Growth: Herbaceous Perennial
– Attracts: Its blooms attract many species of beneficial insects, pollinators and birds.

Interesting, Easy Care Plant

– Care: Dead-head spent flower heads, that is if you want to avoid self seeding. Additionally cut back in late winter or early spring before new growth begins.
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Known to be resistant to these pests. They may have a nibble occasionally, mainly if they are out of other options. But never fear, because this strong perennial will bounce back with ease.
– Origin: Purple prairie clover is a pretty common member of The Great Plains and Prairie Ecosystems. Which is native to central north America. The Great Plains extend from Mexico in the south together with central United States to central Canada.


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