Penstemon ‘Faerie Mist’



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Penstemon ‘Faerie Mist’

Penstemon ‘Faerie Mist’ covers itself with pale misty lavender trumpets all over summer.
Plus each dainty trumpet has a white throat, adding to the soft cloudy effect.

Dainty dwarf for small gardens

Because it is such a powerhouse of flower production, from such a compact, neat growing plant, ‘Faerie Mist’ is the perfect Penstemon to choose for smaller gardens
It certainly gives excellent value for space occupied. 


– Height with flowers: 35cm. approx.
– Width: 30cm approx.
– Position: Full Sun to Part Shade.
– Soil: Tolereates a range of soil conditions but will not tolerate wet soils over winter. Actually grows and will flower better in soils that are not too rich. Still tolerant of poorer, gravel and sandy soils. 

Attactive to Wildlife

– Fragrance:  None
– Frost:
Very hardy to at least -10C and below.
– Growth:
Evergreen perennial.
– Beneficial for wildlife: Native honey-eating birds, bees, butterflies and other useful pollinators, revel in collecting nectar and pollen from the abundant, misty trumpet flowers.

Easy care & low maintenance

– Care: Prune hard older stems that have finished flowering, at the end of winter, this will encourage fresh, repeat flowering new stems to come from the base.
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Usually not first choice for these pests.
– Origin: Native to North America, where they grow in a range of habitats, but often in prairie environments. 
Traditional uses: The North American Indians knew a thing or two about Penstemons, as they were such common plants in their natural world. First nations peoples used them in daily life. The woody roots were used as a cure for toothache, for pain relief, and treatment to stop bleeding. While brightly coloured flowered varieties were used for making blue dye for painting moccasins and leather clothing.

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