Penstemon ‘Elmley’



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Penstemon ‘Elmley’ BEARDTOUNGUE –

A plant that matures and completes its lifecycle over the course of three years or more. Stunning pink bell flowers above long green stems. Penstemon ‘Elmley’ BEARDTOUNGUE likes a spot in Full Sun or Partial Shade and will grow to around 100cm.

Hardy no fuss in poor sites

Penstemon ‘Elmley’ BEARDTOUNGUE is very suitable for a range of garden conditions, as it enjoys arid soils and shrugs off windy sites.
Similarly it thrives in gardens with sandy, rocky, gravel or poor soil.

Very low maintenance

The only task could possibly be to trim off spent flower stems if you wish, but these usually just disappear away themselves.
It is not particularly plagued by any pests or diseases.


– Height with flowers: 100cm approx.
– Width: 80cm approx.
– Position: Full Sun as well as Partial Shade.
– Soil: Well drained but moist soil.

– Fragrance: None but the showy blooms make up for that.
– Frost:
– Growth:
– Attracts: Birds, bees and also other beneficial pollinators.

– Care: Cut back spent flower heads to encourage fresh, repeat flowering. Additionally cut back hard after flowering has finished.
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Known to be a good deer and rabbit resistant plant as these nibbling pests don’t find Penstemon very interesting, because of its hairy texture.
– Origin: Native to North America.


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