Origanum ‘Kent Beauty’

Origanum ‘Kent Beauty’ is the most showy and desirable of all the decorative Oreganos.
So she is a true raving beauty.

Showy & highly desirable

Because ‘Kent Beauty’ cascades with long trailing bracts of rose pink and apple green, which deepen to even richer colours as they mature. 
The flower heads are very long lasting on the little bush, and continue to bloom for ages.
Plus the Oregano foliage is also very attractive.
With the wiry arching stems covered with silver-veined, blue-green, aromatic leaves.
Flowers and foliage together make a very arresting colour combination.

An award winner for beauty

Oregano ‘Kent Beauty’ has won the prestigious ‘Award of Garden Merit’, given only to the best of the best by the Royal Horticultural Society.
However please note ‘Kent Beauty’ is decorative rather than edible. While it is in no way poisonous, the flavour is not sweet.

Tumbling baskets of colour

‘Kent Beauty’ looks best tumbling over the edge of a pot, cascading from a hanging basket, or dangling over the edge of a raised bed. Then you can really appreciate the grace of her growth.

Growing: Origanum ‘Kent Beauty’

– Height with flowers: Long, arching large bracts of rose pink flowers, blooming long over summer and autumn. They are borne on wiry stems which fountain over to make a low clump of approximately 25cm. high. But ‘Kent Beauty’ is a showy girl, and wider than she is high.
– Width: Leafy, dense clump to a diameter of 30-40cm approx. Although it will also slowly spread as a groundcover. It is in no way invasive.
– Position: Full Sun is ideal, as this brings out the flavour and aroma of the oils, and keeps her robust.
So ‘Kent Beauty’ relishes being grown on the dry side. She hates humidity and loves it dry. She also thrives in heat

Hardy & water-saving

– Soil: Origanum is unfussy and easily pleased with soil.
It is perfectly happy in a range of soils. Including sandy, rocky, gravel, and poor soils to average garden loam.
However Origanum ‘Kent Beauty’ does not enjoy heavy clay, and absolutely demands to be well drained.
She enjoys lime and alkaline soils, and is therefore suitable for gardens on limestone country or alkaline coastal soils. Feed your plant with a handful of lime in both spring and autumn.
– Water-wise: Origanum ‘Kent Beauty’ is a very water-wise, heat and drought resistant plant.
So it is an ideal selection for gardens with dry, hot, windy, coastal, or poor soil conditions.
It relishes doing it tough, and just becomes more fragrant in difficult conditions.   

Useful & fragrant

– Fragrance: The foliage is beautifully aromatic with the herby scent of Marjoram.
– Frost: Very frost hardy, and able to withstand even severe frosts down to -20C.
– Growth: ‘Kent Beauty’ trails beautifully. Because it is a bushy little sub-shrub, with arching wiry stems. And the long flowering bracts are exceptionally lovely.
Beneficial for wildlife: Bees and butterflies find the massed flowers of Origanum absolutely irresistible.
So it is very useful for attracting pollinators into the vegetable and fruit garden.  

Easy low maintenance

– Care: Very easy care and virtually maintenance free.
Origanum ‘Kent Beauty’ is largely untouched by pests and diseases.
The only work is to shear the clump back hard after the long season of blooming.
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Rabbits and deer steer clear, as they do not like the taste of the aromatic foliage.
– Origin: Origanum ‘Kent Beauty’ is a beautiful garden hybrid between two hardy wild Oreganos. So it is a cross between Origanum rotundifolium and Origanum scabrum. Since both hail from hot, dry regions such as Turkey, Armenia, and Greece, this accounts for ‘Kent Beauty’ loving heat and dry so much.

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