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Origanum scabrum subsp. pulchrum ‘Newleaze’

What a mouthful of a name for such a delightful and decorative Oregano!
But despite the wrangle of a name, Origanum scabrum subsp. pulchrum ‘Newleaze’ is blissfully simple to grow and love. 
(See “Growing” section below for plant details and growing data).

Rose pink cascades

Cascades of rose pink flowers dangle from upright stems, above aromatic and edible foliage.
‘Newleaze’ flowers on mass in late spring and early summer. Then you shear it back hard and the flowers come again for autumn.

Useful as well as pretty

So neat little ‘Newleaze’ provides decoration in the garden; sprays of long lasting cut flowers; as well as herbal flavours and fragrances for your kitchen. 

Fragrant companion plant

‘Newleaze’ is ideal for edging a veggie garden or rose bed, where it acts as a companion plant to help repel insect pests.
It is also very useful to have in the vegetable or fruit garden to attract bees in to help set the fruit. Because bees and butterflies find it irresistible.
Or plant it to make a fragrant edging along a path, or massed into a decorative pot in the herb garden.  

 Growing: Origanum scabrum subsp. pulchrum ‘Newleaze’

– Height with flowers: Clusters of rose pink flowers during summer, on wiry 30cm stems.
– Width: Leafy, dense clump to a diameter of 30cm approx. Although it will also slowly spread as a groundcover. It is in no way invasive.
– Position: Full Sun is ideal, as this brings out the flavour and aroma of the oils. Though it will also tolerate a little partial shade, as long as it is on the dry side.

Hardy & water-saving

– Soil: Origanum is unfussy and easily pleased with soil.
It is perfectly happy in a range of soils. Including sandy, rocky, gravel, and poor soils to average garden loam.
However Origanum does not enjoy heavy clay, and will quickly give up the ghost if waterlogged.
It tolerates both alkaline (lime) and acid soils, and is suitable for gardens on limestone or the coast. 
– Water-wise: Origanum is a very water-wise and drought resistant plant.
So it is an ideal selection for gardens with dry, hot, windy, coastal, or poor soil conditions.
It relishes doing it tough, and just becomes more fragrant.  

Useful & fragrant

– Fragrance: The foliage is beautifully aromatic with the herby scent of Marjoram.
– Frost: Very frost hardy, and able to withstand even severe frosts down to -20C.
– Growth: Evergreen perennial clump, which can be used as an edge, groundcover, companion plant, or in a decorative pot. It also provides long lasting cut flowers.
Beneficial for wildlife: Bees and butterflies find the massed flowers of Origanum absolutely irresistible.
So it is very useful for attracting pollinators into the vegetable and fruit garden.  

Easy low maintenance

– Care: Very easy care and virtually maintenance free. Origanum is largely untouched by pests and diseases. The only work is to shear the clump back hard after blooming, so it immediately starts on a new crop of flowers.
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Rabbits and deer obviously don’t like Oregano on their Pizza. They do not like the taste of the aromatic foliage.
– Origin: Originally found wild in the rocky, hot, dry mountain slopes of Greece, and then developed for garden use. Hence the outstanding hardiness in heat, drought and poor soils.  

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