Nepeta racemosa

‘Otway Towers’


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Nepeta racemosa ‘Otway Towers’


Gosh! Nepeta racemosa ‘Otway Towers’ is dramatically beautiful.
Long flower spikes of pale mauve-blue, tower on 1.2m tall, willowy stems, above scented blue-grey foliage.

‘Otway Towers’ is the super model of the Catmint world

And she is ever so elegant as she waves in the breeze at the back of a garden bed.

Growing: Nepeta racemosa ‘Otway Towers’

– Height with flowers: Tall, willowy and upright 1.2m approx.
So ‘Otway Towers’ is the super model of the Catmint family
– Width: It forms a waving clump to a diameter of 1m approx.
– Position: Full Sun to a little Partial Shade. And Nepeta racemosa is one of the most tolerant of some humidity.

Drought resistant & water-wise

– Soil: Nepeta is not a bit fussy, and will tolerate most types of soil. As long as it is well drained.
Nepeta racemosa is also one of the most tolerant of humidity and salt, making it ideal for seaside gardens.
And it is perfectly happy in sandy, stony, gravel and poor soils.
So tougher conditions will just keep it beautifully compact and producing even more flowers. 
Water-saving: Nepeta racemosa is a very water-wise plant.
Therefore it is ideal for hot, dry, arid or coastal gardens, or those with sandy, poor soils.
Rated as drought resistant. Thus once established it will require little and infrequent extra water. 
– Frost: Nepeta racemosa is extremely frost hardy, and can endure even hard frosts to below -20C. 

Useful companion plant

– Aromatic: Both flowers and foliage have a very pleasant aroma. And happily the scent just gets better the hotter, drier and tougher the growing conditions get. 
– Growth: Evergreen perennial clump (or ever-grey in this case).
– Beneficial for wildlife: Bees, Butterflies and other beneficial pollinators just love buzzing around and feeding from the nectar rich flowers. One plant in flower is a supermarket for bees, because there are so many flowers to feed from, for such a long time.
– Companion plant: Nepeta racemosa ‘Otway Towers’ makes a wonderful background plant for roses, garden beds or orchards. Like most Nepetas it has always been a traditional companion plant to help repel insects.

Hardy & easy

– Care: Hardy Nepeta racemosa could not be easier to grow.
It is rarely if ever subject to pests and diseases, and requires little to no maintenance.
However it is a good idea to shear it back hard after each round of flowering. Then it will pop back into full flower very quickly. 
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Deer and rabbits dislike the taste of the aromatic oils in the foliage.
– Origin: Nepeta racemosa is native to Turkey, Iran and the Caucasus Mountains. Hence both the drought and frost hardiness.

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