Mukgenia ‘Nova Flame’ 

Elegant Mukgenia ‘Nova Flame’ covers itself with blooms of deep rich cherry red-pink, through spring into summer.  

Glowing deep cherry flowers

Jagged petals combine with rich cherry colour to make very eye-catching flowers indeed. 
They float nicely above wonderful foliage on 30cm. stems.
Mukgenia ‘Nova Flame’ is a new bright star.  

But the foliage steals the show

‘Nova Flame’ has glossy, heart shaped leaves with crimped edges which are a perfect foil for the flowers. 
Then in the autumn, they absolutely steal the show when they flame with deep red, cherry and claret colours.

Striking ground-cover for Shade

Mukgenia looks so very decorative and refined, you imagine it must be difficult to grow. But No, not at all.
It is an easy growing, low maintenance plant, given sufficient protection from very hot sun.
Plant in shaded positions from Part Shade to Deep Shade; Dappled Shade & Sun; and Woodland.
You can make a wonderfully decorative ground-cover for shaded gardens by planting several plants together.
They are quite rapid growers, and will quickly form a solid cover if you space them 30-40cm. approx apart. 
It looks stunning in a decorative container or as an edging.
As it will quickly fill space with that lovely foliage, and then light up with flowers in spring and summer.

Tough & frost hardy

Requires average, normal garden watering, as those fleshy leaves and robust rhizomes can store back up moisture.
Sub-tropical gardeners will be pleased to know that Mukgenia tolerates summer humidity well, as long as it is protected from hot sun.It is very frost hardy to -15C.
‘Nova Flame’ will remain evergreen (ever-red) through winter in positions with overhead shelter and warmer districts, or will become deciduous in very hard frost conditions. 

Easy & low maintenance, despite that glamorous, exotic look 

Well drained normal average garden soil is all it needs, but it does respond well to compost and organic mulch. 

Growing: Mukgenia ‘Nova Star’

Height with flowers: 30cm. approx.
Width: 40cm. approx.
Position: Shade; Woodland and Dappled Shade; Deep Shade.
– Soil: Well drained normal average garden soil, but does respond well to compost and organic mulch.
Fragrance: None.
Frost: Very frost hardy to -15C.
Growth: Evergreen / deciduous (this depends on district) perennial clump.
Beneficial to wildlife: Bees and other pollinators work the flowers happily.:
Care: Easy growing and little to no maintenance.
Deer & Rabbit resistant: Sadly they do enjoy the fleshy leaves if the fancy takes them.
Origin: Mukgenia is a brand new plant, cleverly bred between Mukdenia (male parent) and Bergenia (female parent). It has inherited the best qualities from both parents, combining toughness with refined beauty.


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