Michelia Figo



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Michelia figo

This plants small creamy-wine flowers have the most amazing perfume. They waft the scent of port wine with a hint of fruit.
It fills the air with fragrance in spring and summer. Hence the name of Michelia figo PORT WINE MAGNOLIA is well deserved.

A neat evergreen tall shrub or small tree

Port Wine Magnolia grows as a tall shrub or small tree with spanking smart, glossy evergreen foliage.
Plus it naturally grows quickly to make a neat, upright and rounded shape.
Because of all these qualities, it is ideal for a fragrant hedge, or makes a wonderful feature solo in the garden or a large pot. Plant in either Full Sun to Part Shade, but certainly plant it where the wonderful scent can be enjoyed to the full.

Formal or informal

Port Wine Magnolia clips well if you want a formal shape. Shear immediately after flowering so you promote maximum flowers again for next season. For an informal habbit, leave it to grow naturally to around 2m.

Hardy & easy to grow

Soil that is slightly acidic to slightly alkaline soil is perfect, as long as it is well drained. Port Wine Magnolia also accepts a wide variety of soil types including clay and sand. No matter what soil you have, it will appreciate a mulch over summer. All that is needed is average/normal garden watering.

Ideal for humid & hot summer climates

This lovely evergreen takes well to sub-tropical climates such as Sydney, or further north in tropical areas. It will also thrive in climates that are too hot for normal Magnolias. (It has recently been reclassified yet again and hovers between the Magnolia and Michelia groups). This shrub also tolerates some frost, but as long as they aren’t too severe.

Growing: Michelia figo

Height with flowers: 2-3m. approx. rounded tall shrub or small tree, depending on how tough the conditions are. Taller in rich conditions.
Width: 2m. approx.
Position: Full Sun to Partial Shade.
Soil: Prefers slightly acidic to slightly alkaline soil that is well drained. It also tolerates a range of soils from clay to sandy. Enjoys a Mulch over summer.

Fragrance: Fruity scent of port wine, a superb and powerful aroma.
Frost: Hardy in mild frosts.
Growth: Evergreen shrub or small tree.

Beneficial for wildlife: Bees and other pollinators love the sweet flowers.
Care: A Very easy care option. Take to a prune or can just grow naturally.
Deer & Rabbit resistant: The glossy, leathery tough foliage is not particularly attractive to our chewing enemies.  
Origin: Although it was brought to Japan very early in the history of gardening, it is Native to China.
Traditional uses: In China and Japan the leaves are used for flavouring and sweetening tea, while the flowers are used to perfume oils for cosmetics and hair dressing. 


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