Kniphofia uvaria ‘Red Rocket’ –

Red Rocket’s hot coral red pokers grow to 50cm. tall. They are slender and elegant, and the most luscious rich colour terracotta-red. There is not even a hint of brash orange. Kniphofia uvaria ‘Red Rocket’ is the most perfectly behaved poker, suitable for even the smallest gardens.

Plus she blooms for a remarkably long season, with a succession of pokers from early summer constantly right through autumn. They are very long lasting in both the garden and a vase.

As tough as old boots – almost anywhere

As with many of the Poker family, ‘Red Rocket’ is almost indestructible and very drought tolerant once established. A very water-wise choice.
She thrives in Full Sun to 1/2 Shade. 
As well she is hardy in frost, heat, dry, poor soil, and just about anything. Plus she is very suitable for seaside gardens.
Kniphofia uvaria ‘Red Rocket’ grows well in sandy, rocky and gravel soils, and loves sharp drainage. Either acid or alkaline lime soils are tolerated well. However she will sulk and leave you rapidly in wet, heavy soils. 


Height with flowers: 50cm approx.
Width: 30cm. approx.
Position: Full Sun to Part Shade.
Soil: Grows well in sandy, rocky and gravel soils, and loves sharp drainage. Tolerates acid or alkaline lime soils. Suits seaside gardens.
Fragrance; Sadly no, but the birds frolicking on it make up for that.
Frost: Very frost hardy to below -10C.
Growth: Evergreen perennial clump.
Beneficial for wildlife: Our New Holland Honeyeater native birds adore the pokers and will perform somersaults to feast nectar from them. Bees and butterflies are also well fed.
Care: Very easy, low care and maintenance. The only work is to prune off spent flower spires at the end of the season additionally just a tidy up of old growth.

Red Hot Poker History

Deer & Rabbit resistant: Fortunately the foliage is too tough to be to their taste.
Origin: ‘Red Rocket’ is a cultivar of ‘Red Hot Poker’ whose parents are native to hot and dry areas of southern and tropical Africa, Madagascar, Arabia.
History: All the common names such as “red hot poker”, “rocket flower” and “torch lily” all praise the wonderful flower spires.
The Genus name of Kniphofia honours Johann Hieronymus Kniphof, a talented German physician and botanist in the 1700’s.


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