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Jovellana violacea VIOLET CAPS –


Bucket loads of pale violet flowers appear over summer in clustered sprays, on this chirpy little shrub. Although each individual flower is only a tiny cap, they are enchanting massed together in sprays. Jovellana violacea VIOLET CAPS flowers are well worth a close up look, because the interior of each cap is marked and splashed with an individual pattern of purple, yellow and wine like a cheery tiny tiger face.

Invaluable in difficult positions

Drought hardy once established, I have found it to grow best in Part to Half Shade, and to tolerate summer humidity well.
So certainly one for our sub-tropical gardeners.
Simply invaluable to me for Dry Shade, given just a little help at the beginning to get its’ feet. Here it is frost hardy.
Likewise it is ideal for pots and hanging baskets in shaded gardens.
However it will also grow happily in Full Sun in all but the hottest districts. 

Mounding shrub of aromatic foliage

The leaves are tiny, triangular, and very aromatic, with a fresh minty scent.
For me it makes a small shrub, mounding as wide as it is high, to about 60cm. of deep green leaves and set off by dark red stems.  
But this is in tough conditions of Dry Shade, so will be larger in better conditions, and can reach 1m.
Jovellana cares little about soil type, growing with vigour in everything from clay and very heavy damp soils, to well drained light and sandy soils. Pests and diseases are similarly don’t concern Jovellana, it is remarkably trouble free.

Delicious minty scent plus bunches of flowers to cut

Bunches and sprays can be cut for a vase in the house, and make sure you include some foliage too, as it has a delicious, fresh minty scent.


Height with flowers: At least 60cm. and may be taller with good conditions
Width: 60cm approx.
Position: Practically anywhere, but of great value in Dry Shade and gardens with Summer Humidity.
– Soil: Highly adaptable to soils from heavy clay to light sandy.
Fragrance: Foliage is aromatic with a strong, fresh minty scent.
Frost: Frost hardy, particularly in dry shade positions.
Growth: Evergreen mounding shrub.
Beneficial for wildlife: Bees and butterflies just cannot resist all those little spotty caps.
Care: Very easy, unfussy and low maintenance.
Deer & Rabbit resistant: They do not seem to be particularly attracted to it, and possibly do not enjoy the minty aromatic foliage.
Origin: Native to Chile, where it grows as an undershrub in woodland. There are cousins in New Zealand.


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