(Also known as:
African Corn lily, African Iris, Corn lily and Wand flower)

An Ixia colour that isn’t seen as often throughout gardens, something we all think should change, Ixia TURQUOISE – What an interesting colour these blooms present. Upright leaves and spikes of a dozen or more Turquoise flowers with darker centres in late Spring and Summer.

Neglect proof old style bulb

Hardy hot, dry, frost, Interestingy enough the name Ixia comes from the Greek name for bird droppings, referring to the consistency of the plant’s sap.


Height with flowers: 70cm approx.
Width: 20cm approx.
Position: Full Sun, Partial Shade, Woodland, Dappled Sun.
Soil: Well drained. Will tolerate dry, poor soil conditions as well as normal average garden conditions. Drought resistant
Fragrant: None
Frost: Hardy.
Growth: Hardy Bulb. No need to lift – just leave in ground to make a larger clump of flowers each year.

Loved by Wildlife

Useful for wildlife: Bees and useful other pollinators gather food from the flowers.
Deer & Rabbit resistant: Quite resistant, they prefer other plants more!
Care: Easy care. Low maintenance. Cut back spent foliage after blooming is all that is needed to keep tidy.
Origin: Native to South Africa.


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