Incarvillea delavayii alba

‘Snow Top’


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Incarvillea delavayii alba ‘Snow Top’


Showy white trumpets 40cm.
Sun to ½ Shade
Thick, leathery, fern-like foliage about 30 cm in length

Growing: Incarvillea delavayii ‘Snow Top’

Height with flowers: 40cm approx.
Width: 30cm approx.
Position: Full Sun, Partial Shade, Woodland, Dappled Sun.
Soil: Not particularly fussy, although of course like most things humus rich, moist but well drained soil provides optimum conditions. But Incarvillea will also tolerate poor soil conditions, and still put on a good show.
– Fragrant: –
Frost: May need protecting from frost in colder regions.
– Growth: Herbaceous Perennial.
Beneficial for wildlife: Bees and other pollinator insects love probing the big trumpets for nectar and pollen.
Deer & Rabbit resistant: They prefer other plants more, but when out of other options deer and rabbit might have a nibble.
Care: Cut back at end of season. Require adequate drainage, They do not like wet feet in the winter.
Origin: Central and Eastern Asia.


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