Hydrangea serrata



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Stunning reddish-purple foliage. Early and mid summer pink and blue lace-cap heads of sterile flowers surrounding deeper coloured fertile ones. Remains attractive for following months turning antique colours late summer into autumn.

More sun tolerant than the traditional Mop-Head Hydrangeas. Perfectly happy in morning sun, and can even tolerate a greater degree of sun if the soil is moisture retentive.

– Height with flowers: 50cm – 120cm approx.
– Width: 70cm – 150cm approx.
– Position: Deep Shade, Woodland, Dappled Sun
– Soil: Well Drained
– Frost: Hardy
– Growth: Deciduous Shrub
– Attracts: Bees and Butterflies
– Care:
– Deer & Rabbit resistant:
– Origin:


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