Hemerocallis ‘Stella de Oro’



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Hemerocallis ‘Stella de Oro’ DAYLILY –

A great dwarf Daylily for sheer flower power and beautiful colour. Hemerocallis ‘Stella de Oro’ DAYLILY has delightfully fragrant, rich golden-yellow trumpet flowers, with ruffled edges. 
It well lives up to the translation of it’s name, as ‘Stella de Oro’ means star of gold.

Months of fragrant flowers

Because it flowers for months on end, it is often the first to begin blooming and the last to end.
Although each bloom lasts only one day, others rise up to take its place each day, so that it is continuously in bloom for ages.
The golden flowers are set off beautifully by neat clumps of grassy green foliage.
The whole neat clump is approximately 30cm. high x 30cm. wide approx, making it perfect for small gardens as well as containers. It certainly gives generous reward for space occupied.

Easy low care

‘Stella de Oro’ is remarkable for the amount of neglect it can endure. So “easy to grow” really does describe it.
Because you can – Plant in Full Sun to ½ Shade; Frost hardiness is excellent, to well below -10C; Soil pH is tolerated on both the acid and alkaline lime sides of neutral; and it happily tolerates all sorts of soil from very open to clay. it purrs in normal, average garden loam, so who can ask for more?

Endures heat, humidity & dry in summer

Heaps of applause, because ‘Stella de Oro’ will also tolerate summer heat, summer humidity, and summer drought, plus just about everything else chucked at it. Making it very appropriate for our sub-tropical, as well as Mediterranean climate gardeners.
It is rarely troubled by pests and diseases.



Height with flowers: 30cm. approx.
Width: 30cm approx.
Position: Full Sun to 1/2 Shade. Daylilies are remarkably unfussy.
Soil: Withstand a lot of neglect and are not too fussy about soil. Soil types from open to clay, with a pH on both the acid and alkaline lime sides of neutral is tolerated. Normal, average garden loam is ideal.

Fragrance: Lovely.
– Frost: Frost hardiness is excellent, to well below -10C
Growth: Deciduous perennial clump. 
Beneficial for wildlife: Bees, native honey-eating birds, and butterflies love the procession of flowers for both nectar and pollen.

Care: Very easy to grow and low maintenance.
Deer & Rabbit resistant: They are not high on the menu for bunnies, but deer apparently love them. 
Origin: ‘Stella de Oro’ is a deciduous diploid Daylily. It is an old variety from 1975, but because of outstanding quality it is still one of the most popular. It was bred by retired turkey farmer Walter Jablonski in the USA. Never was a retirement hobby put to better use.


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