‘Serena Dark Horse’



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Hemerocallis ‘Serena Dark Horse’


Hemerocallis ‘Serena Dark Horse’ is a taller variety of Daylily producing deep red blooms with fresh strappy green foliage. Hardy Sun or Shade.

Easy Colour

Daylilies are very adaptive to most soils, they are also fast growing, long flowering, hardy and colourful. What more could you ask for. Fitting easily into the cottage or perennial garden or mixed with bold architectural plantings, Hemerocallis ‘Serena Dark Horse’ brings easy, bold colour to wherever it is planted. And if it isn’t this variety, there are so many daylily varieties that it’s easy to incorporate them into any landscape – even the tiniest balcony or patio.

Growing: Hemerocallis ‘Serena Dark Horse’

– Height with flowers: 75cm approx.
– Width: 45cm approx.
– Position: Full Sun to Partial Shade
– Soil: Grows happily in a wide range of soils, from light and sandy, through average loams, to heavy clay soils. However they do best in a slightly acidic, moist soil that is rich with organic matter and well drained.

– Fragrance: None.
– Frost:
Very frost tolerant especially once established.
– Growth:
Winter dormant Perennial

– Attracts: Daylilies are attractive to many pollinators, including butterflies, bees, flies and also birds. Mainly because of their large cup-like blooms, making it very easy for these tiny creatures to gather up the nectar they need to thrive.
– Care: Very little maintenance required if any at all, but they do benefit from a feed during flowering season. And even though they are drought tolerant once established they perform best with a water during the hotter months. Division of larger daylily clumps is usually carried out every three to four years.

– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Both tend to avoid Day Lily but fresh growth may require some protection from snails and slugs.
– Origin: The daylily was first cultivated in the oriental countries of Japan, China, Korea and Eastern Siberia during ancient times. However in 1984, Bernice Marshall produced this hybrid.


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