‘Holly Dancer’



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Hemerocallis ‘Holly Dancer’


Deep velvet red

Lime throat. 45cm.

Hardy Sun or Shade.

Dry & heat hardy.


Growing: Hemerocallis ‘Holly Dancer’

– Height with flowers: 45cm approx.
– Width: 35cm approx.
– Position: Full Sun as well as Partial Shade
– Soil: Grows happily in a wide range of soils, from light and sandy, through average loams, to heavy clay soils. However they do best in a slightly acidic, moist soil that is rich with organic matter and well drained.

– Fragrance: None.
– Frost:
Very frost tolerant especially once established.
– Growth:
Winter dormant Perennial

– Attracts: Daylilies are attractive to many pollinators, including butterflies, bees, flies and also birds. Mainly because of their large cup-like blooms, making it very easy for these tiny creatures to gather up the nectar they need to thrive.
– Care: Very little maintenance required if any at all, but they do benefit from a feed during flowering season. And even though they are drought tolerant once established they perform best with a water during the hotter months. Division of larger daylily clumps is usually carried out every three to four years.

– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Both tend to avoid Day Lily but fresh growth may require some protection from snails and slugs.
– Origin: The daylily was first cultivated in the oriental countries of Japan, China, Korea and Eastern Siberia during ancient times.



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