Geum rivale

‘Lemon Drops’


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Geum rivale ‘Lemon Drops’ –

Pretty nodding lemon cups bloom from mid spring, through summer. Some autumn flushes are also usual on Geum rivale ‘Lemon Drops’. 
The flower heads resemble clusters of lemon thimbles, nodding from their 35cm. stems.
This enthusiastic and reliable long bloomer, is always looking  dapper, and provides cut flowers for small vases over months.
Dainty is the perfect word to describe Geum rivale. Even the silky seed heads are decorative.

Polite & perfect for a partly shaded garden

Geum rivale is a delightful, and very polite little evergreen perennial clump. So it is perfect for the front edge of a partly shaded garden, or underplanting beneath taller shrubs. It certainly looks elegant underneath yellow roses and pretty enough for a feature container.
Evergreen, downy foliage rosettes are neat and attractive all year round, so it makes the perfect front edge plant. 

Easily pleased in Part Shade

A position in Part Shade; Dappled Sun and Shade; or Morning Sun is perfect. They certainly enjoy protection from the hot afternoon sun.
Given this, they are hardy, trouble free and undemanding. Other than shearing off spent flower stems if you wish to tidy up, there is little to no maintenance work.
They are not prone to any particular pests or diseases.

Very frost hardy

Geum rivale thrive in soils that have been boosted with plenty of compost.
They do not need a lot of water, asking for only average, normal garden watering; but they do not enjoy to dry out for long periods, so they do need that water regularly.
Soil pH from acid to alkaline lime is acceptable to these easy going little charmers.
For those gardeners with damp spots, poorly drained, or places that become downright boggy at times, then Geum rivale is for you as it can happily tolerate periods of wet.
They are frost hardy to at least -10C. 


Height with flowers: 35cm. clean flower stems above the flat rosette of foliage.
Width: 30cm.
Position:  Part Shade; Dappled Sun and Shade; or Morning Sun. They certainly enjoy protection from the hot afternoon sun in all but the coolest districts.
Soil: Thrive with additions of compost. Acid or alkaline is acceptable. 
Fragrance: Sadly none, but other charms make up for it.
Frost: Very frost hardy in even severe frost areas.
Growth: Evergreen perennial rosette.
Beneficial for wildlife: Bees and butterflies love foraging inside the little thimble flowers. Long and repeat blooming is a big help to our pollinator friends. 
Care: Very easy low maintenance.
Deer & Rabbit resistant: Downy foliage seems to keep Geum rivale further down the menu selection for rabbits and deer.

An interesting history

Origin: Geum rivale are widespread across the continents in the northern hemisphere, including Europe, North America and Asia, particularly in poorly drained habitats This speaks to the hardiness and adaptability of the plants.
History: Cheery little Geum rivale have been loved and used by humans for centuries. So they have acquired so many common names, including nodding avens, drooping avens, cure-all, chocolate root and Indian chocolate.
Traditional uses: North American Indian peoples relished the roots, which they boiled up to make a syrup that does indeed have a flavour something like chocolate. Peoples from many cultures traditionally used Geum rivale in their herbal medicine. Many of the treatments involved making teas from the roots which were used in treating diarrhoea and tummy upsets. 


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