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Geum rhodopeum



Pretty blooms like propeller blades of velvety rich, apricot-orange make for fetching flowers on Geum rhodopeum BULGARIAN GEUM. These interesting blooms are shown off well, above a neat foliage mound. 

Set off by interesting foliage

It’s leaves have prettily scalloped edges and a velvety texture.
So this foliage forms a neat, evergreen rosette, which sits close to the ground as a tidy mound.
Making Bulgarian Geum a compact grower, never getting out of hand, and very suitable for small gardens and ideal for the front of a bed or in a decorative pot.
Similarly it makes a lovely companion for apricot roses, or sitting amongst toning coloured flowers. Because the colour is so rich and glowing.

Tough & hardy in all sorts of conditions

Bulgarium Geum is very forgiving in less than ideal conditions, and a little tough going.
No doubt this is because of the harsh conditions it is familiar from its’ native habitat of Bulgaria and Greece (see below).
The list of things Geum rhodopeum BULGARIAN GEUM will tolerate is impressive.
In very hot districts, a little afternoon shade will probably promote a lusher clump, but really it is well able to cope in Full Sun to 1/2 Shade. 

Perhaps a medicine for the future

Although Bulgarian Geum is already a valued garden plant, it may yet prove to be a very valuable medicine for the future.
Since the lifting of the Communist era in the Balkans, botanists and scientists are beginning to explore into areas previously off limits.
The Rhodope region, which is mainly in Bulgaria, but also ventures across the border into northern Greece, is proving to be a treasure trove of useful  plants. Including our lovely Geum rhodopeum.
Lo and behold, recent searches for medicinally useful chemical compounds have turned up a useful chemical in Geum rhodopeum foliage. It seems they have a very high concentration of an essential oil which is likely to provide an effective treatment for stubborn skin inflammations. 


Height with flowers: 45cm. clean flower stems above the flat rosette of downy foliage.
Width: 35cm.
Position:  Part Shade; Dappled Sun and Shade; or Morning Sun. They certainly enjoy protection from the hot afternoon sun in all but the coolest districts. 
Soil: Thrive with additions of compost. Acid or alkaline is acceptable.

Fragrance: None, but their cheerful colour and generous flowering makes you forget this.
Frost: Very frost hardy even in severe frost areas.
Growth: Evergreen perennial rosette.
Beneficial for wildlife: Bees and also butterflies love foraging among the flowers. Long and repeat blooming is a big help to our pollinator friends.

Care: Very easy low maintenance.
Deer & Rabbit resistant: Geum is low on the menu selection for rabbits and deer because of its downy foliage.
Origin: Named after the beautiful Rhodope region in Bulgaria, where it is found in profusion. But it is also found in Greece, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria. So you can see, it is naturally well adapted to places with extremes of hot and cold.


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