‘Flames of Passion’


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Geum ‘Flames of Passion’ –

Geum ‘Flames of Passion’ is well worth falling in love with. Semi-double, overlapping petals of glowing ruby give that frilled, bonnet like appearance, and surround a mass of yellow stamens.
The bonnets sit airily 30cm. above neat clumps of light, compact foliage rosettes, blooming on clean stems perfect for picking.
So there is every reason to fall head over heels.

Decorative in garden & vase

‘Flames of Passion’ provides glowing garden colour, as well cut flowers for vases, over many months.
This particular Geum is noted for prolific and long displays because it blooms over such a long season.
As a cut flower it is also very long lasting, and even the silky seed heads are decorative in garden or vase.

Polite & perfect for a partly shaded garden

Geums are delightful, and very polite evergreen perennial clumps.
So they are perfect for the front edge of a partly shaded garden, or underplanting beneath taller shrubs.
‘Flames of Passion’ certainly stars underneath either red or white roses, and is eye-catching enough for a feature container too.
Evergreen, downy foliage rosettes are neat and attractive all year round, so making the perfect front edge plant, or ground-cover under roses and other shrubs. The low foliage and clean flower stems ensure it does not interfere with taller companions.
‘Flames of Passion’ can be planted in multiples if you would like to make a more extensive ground covering. Each plant will cover 20cm. approx. 

No fuss plants

A position in Part Shade; Dappled Sun and Shade; or Morning Sun is perfect for Geums.
‘Flames of Passion’ will certainly enjoy protection from the afternoon sun in hot districts, but will thrive in full sun in cooler districts.  .
Given a suitable position, then they are hardy, trouble free and undemanding.
There is little to no maintenance work, because other than shearing off spent flower stems if you wish to tidy up, they are just happily, always there.
They are not prone to any particular pests or diseases, so again very easy care.

Very frost hardy

Geums thrive in soils that have been boosted with plenty of compost.
They do not need a lot of water, asking for only average, normal garden watering. But they dislike drying out for long periods, so they do need that water regularly.
These easy going plants will accept a soil pH from acid to alkaline lime.
They are frost hardy to at least -10C. 


Height with flowers: 30cm. clean flower stems above the flat rosette of downy foliage.
Width: 20cm.
Position:  Part Shade; Dappled Sun and Shade; or Morning Sun. Will enjoy Full Sun in cooler districts. 
Soil: Thrive with additions of compost. Acid or alkaline is acceptable.

Fragrance: None, but their cheerful colour and generous flowering makes you forget about it.
Frost: Very frost hardy in even severe frost areas.
Growth: Evergreen perennial rosette.
Beneficial for wildlife: Bees and butterflies love foraging among the pretty stamens. Long and repeat blooming is a big help to our pollinator friends.

Care: Very easy low maintenance.
Deer & Rabbit resistant: Downy foliage seems to keep Geums low on the menu selection for rabbits and deer.
Origin: Geum are widespread across the continents in the northern hemisphere, including Europe, North America and Asia. This testifies to the hardiness and adaptability of the Geums.


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