Geranium x oxonianum

‘Orkney Pink’


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Geranium x oxonianum ‘Orkney Pink’ –

Stunning deep pink blooms rise over a flat thick mat of dark foliage. This produces a really stunning contrast groundcover that also works as a good weed suppressor. Geranium x oxonianum ‘Orkney Pink’ enjoys Sun or Shade and tough and very easy to grow. It’s especially hardy in frosty or seaside areas, as it has been bred on the Orkney Islands. 

These tough and drought tolerant plants will flower from spring right through until the end of summer.

Tough groundcover for tough spots

Ideal for drier, tough spots in the garden, For instance a spot shaded by trees, roses or shrubs.
Geranium x oxonianum ‘Orkney Pink’ won’t fade away if you forget to water, and when happy it will self-sow to fill in any bare spots for you. A very tolerant plant once established which is also pest a disease resistant.


– Height with flowers: 20cm approx.
– Width: 35cm approx.
– Position: Preferably Full sun but will grow just fine in Partial shade.
– Soil: Preferably Rich and Well drained but will enjoy most soils as long as it isn’t frequently wet.

– Fragrance: Scented foliage.
– Frost: Hardy
– Growth: Perennial.
– Attracts: Birds, bees as well as other beneficial insects.

– Care:  Prefers deep watering and drying out between waters. A tidy up of over weathered leaves or growth is all that is really needed.
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Geraniums have a slight scent that smells nice to us but isn’t appetising to deer or rabbits.
– Origin: As the name suggests, this plant was bred on the Orkney Islands.


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