Geranium pyrenaicum ‘Bill Wallis’

Geranium pyrenaicum ‘Bill Wallis’ covers himself with a profusion of vivid violet-blue blooms for months on end.
Although each individual flower is small, there is such a mass of them, it becomes a cloud of intense colour from mid-Spring to Autumn’s end. 

Tough groundcover for tough spots

Ideal for drier spots in the garden, this tough but attractive plant is an excellent ground cover for difficult conditions.
You can plant ‘Bill Wallis’ in Full Sun to 1/2 Shade, and he will form a carpet of soft, sage green foliage to cover the ground all year round, studded with that cloud of rich violet-blue blooms over so many months. 
Geranium pyrenaicum ‘Bill Wallis’ won’t fade away if you forget to water, and when happy he will self-sow to fill in any bare spots for you. He is also tolerant of periods of drought and heat once established
‘Bill Wallis’ comes true from seed, so you will always have some little Bills to move around or share.
(Please see “Growing” section below for details of how to grow)

Graceful draping plant

‘Bill Wallis’ is ideal for decorative containers and for spilling down over rock edges, because of his graceful, trailing habit.
He is a fine choice for these feature positions because of dense evergreen growth, attractive velvety foliage, and that exceptionally long blooming period.
Handy little ‘Bill Wallis’ is slug resistant but will attract bees and butterflies to your garden. 

Who was Bill Wallis?

Bill Wallis was a dedicated plant lover and collector who retired in the late 1970’s. Once retired he was free to fully indulge his passion for breeding good and useful plants. Of course he could not resist when he spotted a chance Geranium seedling with the most piercingly vivid violet-blue flowers, in a friends garden one day. Geranium pyrenaicum was eventually revealed at the Chelsea Flower Show, where it was the sensation of the year.
It has been an ever reliable garden favourite for decades now. Thank you Bill Wallis.


– Height with flowers: 30cm approx. as the flowers float above the flat foliage carpet.
– Width: Groundcover to 60cm approx.
– Position: Partial Shade to Full Sun.
– Soil: Will tolerate a wide range of soil conditions from sandy to clay, from acid pH to alkaline lime soils. ‘Bill Wallis is tough and adaptable. However good drainage is essential, as the plant hugs the ground so closely. In heavier clay soils, tuck a mulch of gravel under the foliage. Thrives with lime.
– Fragrance: Foliage is freshly aromatic with the scent of geranium oil.
– Frost: Very frost hardy, even in severe frost to well below -10C.
– Growth: Evergreen perennial groundcover forming a low, dense, spilling carpet. 

Other benefits

– Attracts: Bees and butterflies love the pollen rich flowers, and the profuse and long blooming means the food store is always open for them..
– Care: Easy care and low maintenance. Little work is ever required.
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Rabbit and deer resistant as they dislike the taste of the aromatic oils in the leaves and stems.
– Origin:The species name ‘pyrenaicum’ gives the game away. Native to the Pyrenees region, between France and Spain. Hence their ability to withstand periods of heat, dry, and hard frost, as they experience them regularly in their native habitat.  


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