Geranium phaeum



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Geranium phaeum MOURNING WIDOW –

The Geranium phaeums (known as Mourning Widows because of the black flowers of the original species) are so useful for dry or deep shade. They bloom for ages with repeat flushes in all seasons, even starting in late winter. 60cm.(2ft) sprays of bloom on sturdy windproof stems, fly above neat evergreen foliage mounds. Shade or 1/2 shade and cope well with dry or deep shade. Frost hardy. Geranium phaeum MOURNING WIDOW look great mass planted to carpet under trees and shrubs, with their neat evergreen foliage clumps and repeating branches of flowers. 60cm.

– Height with flowers:
60cm approx.
– Width: 35cm approx.
– Position: Full sun, can tolerate Partial shade.
– Soil: Well drained, Will enjoy most soils as long as it isn’t frequently wet.
– Fragrance: Scented foliage.
– Frost: Hardy
– Growth: Perennial.
– Attracts: Another pollinator friendly plant, attracting birds, bees and other beneficial insects to the garden. 
– Care:  Prefers deep watering and drying out between waters (avoid over-head).
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Geraniums have a slight scent that smells nice to us but isn’t appetising to deer or rabbits.
– Origin: Native to southern, central, and western Europe.


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