Geranium phaeum

‘Lily Lovell’


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Geranium phaeum ‘Lily Lovell’ –

Flying trusses of deep lavender discs, floating above neat round mounds of  pretty foliage. Each flower of Geranium phaeum ‘Lily Lovell’ is eye-catchingly marked with a milky centre and pale lace veins. An old cultivar Geranium ‘Mourning Widow’ . ‘Lily Lovell’ is set apart by its deep purple blue large nodding flowers. It makes an easy and neat, dry shade tolerant evergreen mound. This beauty tolerates a position that is dry or situated in deep shade, or dappled light under trees. It is a good tough grower and is frost hardy.



– Height with flowers:
45cm approx.
– Width: 30cm approx.
– Position: Full sun, can tolerate Partial shade.
– Soil: Well drained, Will enjoy most soils as long as it isn’t frequently wet.
– Fragrance: Scented foliage.
– Frost: Hardy
– Growth: Evergreen Perennial.
– Attracts: Another pollinator friendly plant, attracting birds, bees and other beneficial insects to the garden. 
– Care:  Prefers deep watering and drying out between waters (avoid over-head).
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Geraniums have a slight scent that smells nice to us but isn’t appetising to deer or rabbits.
– Origin: Geranium phaeum was first introduced into Britain from Europe in the late 1500’s.


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