Gaillardia aristata

‘Arizona Sun’



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Gaillardia aristata ‘Arizona Sun’


Gaillardia aristata ‘Arizona Sun’ gives a continuous show of deep flame red daisies, each rimmed with gold. 
So a blanket of vibrant, unfading colour covers ‘Arizona Sun’ from early summer right through to autumn’s end.
Because it has exceptional dry and heat hardiness. Combined with excellent flower production; plus long lasting cut flowers. So ‘Arizona Sun’ makes a prolific blooming, colourful, water-wise and hardy groundcover.

Neat ground-cover with blankets of colour

Gaillardia aristata ‘Arizona Sun’ is well named as a “Blanket Flower”.
As it grows as a tight blanket of foliage and flower, that remains neat and compact as it covers the ground.
So no sprawling about from this newly bred beauty, unlike its more unruly older cousins.
Because is an unstoppable bloomer, and even the fluffy seed heads are an attraction, ‘Arizona Sun’ is always a colourful blanket.

Waterwise & hardy Groundcover

Gaillardia bask in Full Sun, plus they are very water-wise plants.
So ‘Arizona Sun’ is extremely tolerant of dry and hot conditions once established, thanks to its desert origins.
Although good drainage is essential, as ‘Arizona Sun’ is a desert plant from Mexico and the wild west of North America.
These native origins also make Gaillardia tolerant of poor, sandy, and rocky soils or gravel gardens, as well as making them extremely frost hardy.
So Gaillardia can withstand severe frost to well below -10C if needed.
As well, these sheets of bright colour are very forgiving about pH, tolerating both acid or alkaline lime soils, and positively thriving in sandy, poor or rocky soils.

Easy going & low maintenance

Gaillardias are rarely if ever plagued by pests and diseases.
Plus the only maintenance attention they may need is a tidy up with the secateurs after their long and enthusiastic blooming. 
Bees, butterflies and human garden visitors adore them, but rabbits and deer are not so attracted.

Where to use in the garden

Use Gaillardia anywhere you would like sheets of lovely colour in the Sun.
Enthusiastically flowering ground-covers can be made by planting multiple plants. Allow about 40cm. between each.
‘Arizona Sun’ will also happily provide continuous colour in a pot or container.

Growing: Gaillardia aristata ‘Arizona Sun’

Height with flowers: 20cm approx.
Width: 40cm approx.
Position: Full Sun. They can also tolerate Partial Shade in very hot and dry districts.
Soil: Well Drained. Tolerates dry conditions well as they are native to desert and rocky areas. Will thrive in sandy, poor or rocky soils. They are also very forgiving about pH, tolerating both acid or alkaline lime soils.
Frost: Frost hardy, even in hard frosts to well below -10C. 
Growth: Evergreen perennial that can be used as a long blooming ground-cover.

Other benefits

Beneficial for wildlife: Bees and butterflies adore Gaillardia, because they are so long blooming. Thus they are very reliable, long lasting food sources for them. So the Royal Horticultural Society feature Gaillardia high on their “Perfect for Pollinators” List.
Care: Very hardy and easy care, plus little to no maintenance required.
Deer & Rabbit resistant: Gaillardia are not first choice for these guys, although they are not immune.

Snippets of history

Origin: Native to arid areas in the wild west of North America.
Snippets of history: Gaillardias gained their common name of “Blanket Flower” because they resemble the colourful blankets of the native American tribes of the wild west. Although others say it refers to their ability to cover the ground with colour.
The botanical name Gaillardia honours Maître Gaillard de Charentonneau. He was an 18th century French magistrate who was also a talented amateur botanist.


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