Epimedium leptorrhizum FAIRY WINGS


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Sprays of large pink-lavender flowers with long arching spurs. Bloom late winter and early spring, with a repeat in autumn. Very hardy and happy to be planted in Part to Deep Shade. Dry soil is not a problem for these little beauties. Dwarf. 25cm. Once established they are one of the very best groundcovers for Deep and Dry Shade under trees and shrubs. Form a dense cover of delightful foliage. The foliage is a treat of colours with every new flush of leaf growth. Frost hardy. Water-wise. Hardy, easy, low maintenance. The only attention required is to slash back the foliage to ground level mid-winter, so you can enjoy even more of the fresh spring leaf colours (but if you dont get around to it – dont worry, because the plants wont).