Echinops tienschanicum



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Echinops tienschanicum CHINA GLOBES –

Flowers like silver-blue tennis balls, make Echinops tienschanicum CHINA GLOBES a very exciting new plant indeed.

Architectural clump with exciting globe flowers

All summer long the tennis ball sized flowers slowly change from ghostly silver to pale blue globes.
As a bonus, they are also sweetly fragrant.
Recently discovered in the wild, Echinops tienschanicum China Globes is tall and impressively architectural.
It forms a large grey rosette of imposing foliage, and blooms on very tall stems. 
So as your clump thickens each each year, it gives an increasing profusion of globes, adds firm structure to the garden, and grabs attention.
It is perfect for the back of the flower garden, and bragging about to fellow gardeners.

Rare – but tough and easy – in both drought and frost

Don’t let the word rare fool you.
Echinops tienscanicum is only rare because not many people have had the chance to grow it yet. 
For practical, low maintenance gardeners, China Globes is tough, water wise, tolerant of heat and drought, frost hardy, and just no trouble to have. Clumps are very long lived, permanent architectural features in your garden design.
Tolerates most soils, even poorer, sandy, well drained and less fertile soils.
It is drought tolerant, so average normal garden water or less, is more than enough. It is certainly not a thirsty plant..

A wow of an everlasting cut flower – Echinops tienschanicum

As the flowers are quite hard, like an everlasting, they are incredibly long lasting as cut flowers in a vase.
They are also excellent to hang upside down to dry and make a permanent winter floral display.  


Height with flowers: 1.4m – 1.8m
Width: Clump of architectural grey-green foliage to a diameter of 1 metre approx.
Position: Full Sun, and is perfectly happy in drier, and windy sites. Although it is tall, it is strong and stout. It can tolerate just a little shade as long as it is not wet.

Soil: Tolerates most soils. It even poorer, well drained
Frost: Hardy
Growth: Tall, architectural, evergreen perennial

Other benefits

Fragrance: The globes are sweetly scented.
Beneficial for wildlife: Bees and butterflies just love foraging amongst the nectar rich globes all summer long.
Care: Hardy, easy growing, low care. The only work you might like to do is to remove the flower stems before they die off to encourage a second and even a third crop of flowers in a single summer season. As the flowers are such excellent cut flowers – this job is no hardship.

Deer & Rabbit resistant: Yes, both deer and rabbits do not enjoy the slightly prickly, tough foliage.
Origin: Native to Southern and Eastern Europe (from Spain east to Turkey, Ukraine, and Belarus), and western Asia – all places with hot, dry, summers and sharp frosty winters. So it is easy to see why it thrives in heat, dry, as well as frost, because it has already adapted to such extremes in its native habitat.


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