Digitalis trojana

‘Helen Of Troy’



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Digitalis trojana ‘Helen Of Troy’


Amber & rust spires. A rarity from Turkey growing to 75cm, with flowers of pale amber, throats of gold with rust veining, and a conspicuous creamy-white lip in summer. This long bloomer is attractive to bees and like most foxgloves, it will reseed, maintaining a presence in your garden.

Growing: Digitalis trojana ‘Helen of Troy’

Height with flowers: 75cm approx.
Width: 30cm approx.
Position: Partial Shade, Woodlands, Dappled Light, Full Sun.
Soil: Rich, Well Drained.
Frost: Hardy
Growth: Hardy perennial evergreen Foxglove, but will also self seed.
Beneficial for wildlife: Attracts and feeds nectar seeking birds, butterflies and bees.
Beware: All parts of any foxglove are toxic to humans and other mammals.
Care: Deadhead central flower spikes after three-fourths of it has faded to encourage more flowers.
Deer & Rabbit resistant: Toxic; deer and rabbits are too smart to have a nibble.
Origin: Europe & North America.


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