Digitalis purpurea

‘Anne Redetzky’



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Digitalis purpurea ‘Anne Redetzky’


The flowers of Digitalis purpurea ‘Anne Redetzky’ open pale yellow and continue to fading to bright white as the flower matures. The slashed petals are complete with subtle, purple speckles, resulting in an orchid like appearance. 

A real show with little maintenance. This plant prefers rich, well-drained soil and grow best if the soil is kept moist. They especially love a drink during the warmer months. Keep pets and small children away from foxgloves because they do have known toxicity components.

A real eye catcher

The petals of this different foxglove are deeply cut and curve outwards, this is a playful variation on the more well-known blooms of other Digitalis cultivars.

Growing: Digitalis purpurea ‘Anne Redetzky’

– Height with flowers: 60cm approx.
– Width: 25cm approx.
– Position: Prefers a Partial Shade/Woodland situation but can also grow in a Sunny spot as long as it isn’t receiving harsh afternoon sun.
– Soil: Preferably a rich and well drained soil. Although it will tolerate a range of conditions.

– Frost: Hardy.
– Growth: Hardy Biennial or Short Lived Perennial.
– Attracts: Attracts and feeds nectar seeking birds, butterflies and bees.
– Beware: All parts of any foxglove are toxic to humans and also other mammals.

– Care: Deadhead central flower spikes after three-fourths of it has faded to encourage repeat blooms.
–  Deer & Rabbit resistant: As the plant is toxic, Deer and rabbits should be to smart to have a nibble.
–  Origin: Native to Europe and also North America.


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