Cosmos atrosanguineus



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Cosmos atrosanguineus


Who would believe it??
Velvety deep burgundy-maroon blooms are perfumed like Chocolate!!!
Cosmos atrosanguineus Chocolate Cosmos really does have the strong scent of high quality chocolate.
And everything always goes better with chocolate.

No calories in this chocy sensation

Fortunately this hardy little plant is a profuse bloomer, with a myriad of velvet disc flowers.
And Cosmos atrosanguineus Chocolate Cosmos, blooms continuously from late spring, right through summer and autumn. 
So you are never without that sniff of chocolate – with no calories no matter how much you sniff.
And never without cut flowers, as the blooms and scent last well in a vase.

Growing: Cosmos atrosanguineus

– Height with flowers: The delightful deep burgundy-maroon discs stand well above a neat mound of pretty foliage. So it flowers on strong, clean stems that allow the chocolate scented flowers to wave and waft scent at you in the breeze.
– Width: Also prettily cut leaves form a neat mound to a diameter of approx. 60cm.
– Position: Full Sun is optimum, though it can tolerate a little shade if it is well drained and well aired. Cosmos atrosanguineus tolerates heat very well. Plus it can cope with periods of dry between drinks. So you can confidently give it one of your most sun drenched spots, as it is a native of hot areas in Mexico.

Water-wise and heat hardy

– Water-wise: Chocolate Cosmos is very handy for water-conscious gardeners. Because it is not a thirsty plant, despite it’s dainty looks. So normal, average garden watering is ample for good growth. Cosmos atrosanguineus is considered to be water-wise and drought resistant, with just a minimum of water assistance. 
– Soil:
Chocolate Cosmos is very happy in sandy to loam soils. As it enjoys being well drained. So in moister areas, you can plant it on a raised mound of soil to assist with drainage over wet periods, and help keep it dry in winter. As it resents being waterlogged. 
It also accepts a wide range of soil pH, on either the acid or alkaline (lime) side of neutral. 

Easy to grow

– Frost: Frost hardy, as it can stand frosts to at least -10C. And should a series of very severe frosts cut it back, it will reliably sprout from underground next spring.
– Growth:
Hardy perennial. It will be evergreen in more sheltered areas, and will retreat underground in areas with heavy frosts during winter and the re-emerge in the spring. The clump has tubers like a Dahlia. So treat like a Dahlia, and mulch the crown for winter in very frosty areas.  

– Fragrance: You just cant get enough of that delightful chocolate scent.
– Beneficial for wildlife:
Bees and other useful pollinators seem to enjoy the chocolate scented flowers as much as we do.
– Care: Easy low care. It is rarely if ever beset by any pests or diseases. And will only need a trim back to tidy at the end of autumn.
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Yes. How wonderful that they don’t like chocolate scent.
– Origin: A native of Mexico


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