Coreopsis verticillata



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Coreopsis verticillata ‘Moonbeam’ 

Coreopsis verticillata ‘Moonbeam’ produces clouds of sunshine yellow stars all summer. 

Tough as nails & ever popular

‘Moonbeam’ is always a favourite with low maintenance gardeners.
Firstly because it is as “tough as nails”, secondly for long blooming, and also considered the ultimate easy plant.
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Fine & decorative foliage

Fine needle-like foliage makes a low, ground-hugging carpet.
So it is very decorative, but is not invasive.
Though it does spread each year to make an ever denser, broader mat.
It also gives a feathery texture to the garden,  because the flowers float on airy stems well above fine foliage,

Prizewinner for all round hardiness

Coreopsis verticillata ‘Moonbeam’ won the prestigious “Plant of the Year” award in 1992.
‘Moonbeam’ was the stand out winner because this award from the Perennial Plant Association recognizes plants that have an unbeatable combination of beauty with robust toughness.  

Growing: Coreopsis verticillata ‘Moonbeam’

– Height with flowers: Blooms float on clean stems approx. 45cm above the flat foliage.
– Width: While the foliage makes a groundcover mat to 45cm. diameter approx.
– Position: Full Sun, though Coreopsis verticillata can tolerate some shade in a hot/dry climate.
– Soil: Well Drained soil is essential, but otherwise it is not fussy.
So Coreopsis verticillata can be found thriving in infertile, sandy and rocky soils. 
It is bone hardy and so can withstand periods of drought, heat and humidity.
And it can also tolerate some salt spray or degree of salt content in the soil or water, making it ideal in coastal gardens.

Other benefits

Frost: Extremely frost hardy, even in hard frosts to well below -15C.
Growth: Perennial clump that increases in size each year, but is not invasive.
Attracts: Butterflies and Bees.
Care: Easy and low-maintenance. Its flowers repeat bloom throughout most of the summer. Dead-head spent flowers to encourage fresh blooms and keep plant looking tidy.
Deer & Rabbit resistant: They’re resistant to browsing rabbits and deer.

Tough as nails origins

Origin: A North American species in the sunflower family, Coreopsis verticillata grows naturally in a wide latitude of climates and areas. So indicating what a tough and adaptable plant it is.
It thrives from the freezing winters in Maryland, to the dripping humidity of summers in Georgia. And even endures under metres of snow in northern Quebec or blistering summer heat in western USA.    
It is found growing wild in open rocky dry woodlands, light pine woods, and at the grassy edges of oak woodlands.


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