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Chrysosplenium macrophyllum

Dainty bunches of pink and white flowers chase out the gloom during the last days of winter and early spring on Chrysosplenium macrophyllum Giant Saxifrage  

Softly fragrant flower heads

The flowers heads are fuzzy, very different, and shade through pinks, greens, white and silver.
Plus they have a soft sweet fragrance, rather like talcum powder.
So Chrysosplenium macrophyllum Giant Saxifrage is uniquely different, architectural, and so very welcome to show winter out the door.
(Skip to “Growing” section below for plant details, how & where to grow).

Colour all year round with evergreen foliage

Flower stems to 15cm create a lacy effect, above the thick rosettes of red flushed deep green leaves.
The foliage provides excellent colour and texture interest throughout the year after the very early flowers have well gone. Chrysosplenium macrophyllum Giant Saxifrage foliage is on beauty duty all year. 

Colour in the shade

The evergreen leaves flush with different shades of reds, russets, plums and purples as the weather and seasons change. 
Makes a dense evergreen groundcover with lovely large decorative leaves effectively suppressing weeds. Each plant rosette will spread to 20cm. approx, but sends out stolon runners to start new rosettes. Don’t worry at the word “runners” as it is not invasive, and very easily removed if it heads in a direction you dont want. Not too fussy, as long as it is in the shade
As a native of forest and woodland floors, it absolutely must have shade. And of course it enjoys the humus and leaf litter soils that come with forests, but is not too fussy or picky, as long as it has that shade.

Great groundcover

Enjoys regular moisture, though it does not require bucket loads in its shady corners.
Fantastic groundcover under trees and shrubs, but also looks lovely in a decorative urn or pot in a Deep Shade area.

Growing: Chrysosplenium macrophyllum

– Height with flowers: 15cm. approx.
– Width: Each plant spreads to 20-30cm. diameter approx. 
– Position: Loves Deep Shade in all but the very coolest districts. Does not enjoy any scorching sun. 
– Soil: Responds very lushly when given humus and leaf litter. But will do the job happily in average garden soil that retains some moisture.

– Fragrance: Soft fragrance from the unusual and very early flower heads.
– Frost: Very frost hardy, even in severe frost areas below -10C.
– Growth: Evergreen groundcover perennial.

– Care: Very easy, low maintenance.
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Not decided yet.
– Origin: Native to forest and woodland floors in western China.


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