Choisya ternata aurea ‘Sundance’




Choisya ternata aurea ‘Sundance’ MOCK ORANGE, MEXICAN ORANGE BLOSSUM – 

Light Lemon White flowers over green to lime foliage. These blooms are borne in Spring and Autumn. Great contrast plant with its green leaved parent. Grows to 3-5 ft tall and wide, with shiny, dense, aromatic foliage and white flowers perfumed with sweet fragrance, occasionally in summer with a second flush in autumn. The Mexican orange is a member of the rue family, closely related to lemon and other citrus. Choisya ternata is widely grown as an ornamental shrub in suitable climates. Full sun to morning sun in hotter climates and regular garden water. Dry and frost Hardy.

– Height with flowers: 150cm approx.
– Width: 80cm approx.
– Position: Full Sun to Partial Shade.
– Soil: Prefers well drained soils. Drooping leaves will indicate quickly if the plant is too dry and needs a drink.
– Fragrance: Aromatic foliage and sweet citrus-scented white flowers.
– Frost: Hardy.
– Growth: Evergreen shrub.
– Attracts: Birds, Butterflies, Bees and other beneficial pollinators.
– Care: Low maintenance plant. Responds well to pruning and shaping yet not necessary. 
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Both leave it well alone and don’t even nibble the buds and flowers due to its aroma.
– Origin: Native to Mexico. It is drought tolerant, preferring well drained soils.

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