Choisya ternata aurea



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Choisya ternata aurea



Lemon-white flowers over glowing lime foliage, make Choisya ternata aurea a garden feature all year  

Superbly scented lemon-white blossoms 

Because the superbly scented flowers waft a delicious scent like orange blossom.
And although the flowers are a perfume treat in Spring and Autumn, the foliage is a lovely highlight for every month.
(See “Growing” section below for plant details, how & where to grow).

With aromatic lime foliage

Choisya ternata aurea ‘Sundance’ is an evergreen (or in this case ever-lime coloured) shrub, with shiny, dense, aromatic foliage. 
And it naturally grows as a neat, rounded shrub, always thickly clothed with the citrus scented foliage.

Related to lemon and other citrus

As Choisya is closely related to lemon and other citrus, it is no surprise the fragrance is so delicious.   

Growing: Choisya ternata aurea 

– Height with flowers: Rounded shrub to 1.50m approx., though in good conditions can be larger.
– Width: Grows as a rounded shrub, usually as wide as it is high.
– Position: Full Sun to Partial Shade. But morning sun is preferable in hotter climates, so the lovely foliage does not scorch 
– Soil: Choisya prefers well drained soils, and once it is established it can survive heat and dry periods. So drooping leaves will indicate quickly if the plant is too dry and needs a drink.
– Fragrance: Freshly aromatic foliage scented like citrus, plus sweetly scented white flowers also reminiscent of citrus blossom.
– Frost: Frost hardy to at least -10C.
– Growth: Evergreen rounded shrub.

Beneficial to wildlife & Easy care

– Attracts: Birds, Butterflies, Bees and also other beneficial pollinators.
– Care: Low maintenance plant. Although it does respond well to pruning and shaping, but pruning is not necessary as it grows naturally into a neat shape. However you can safely prune if you wish ti change the height or shape.
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Both rabbits and deer leave it well alone because they dislike the aroma and essential oils. So those delightfully scented buds and flowers are safe.
– Origin: Native to Mexico. As a result it is can cope with heat and some dry, once established. .


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