Ceanothus griseus var. horizontalis

‘Diamond Heights’


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Ceanothus griseus var. horizontalis ‘Diamond Heights’

A gorgeous groundcover shrub, that features lime green leaves with irregular splashes of dark green.
Ceanothus griseus var. horizontalis ‘Diamond Heights’ is a real foliage stunner with its bluey/lime growth.
But when it covers itself in spring with sky blue flowers too, then your heart just melts.
Plus add a good dose of tough hardiness and drought resistance.
And you have an indispensable groundcover shrub for water-conscious gardeners.

Growing: Ceanothus griseus var. horizontalis ‘Diamond Heights’

– Height with flowers: 30cm approx. However the flowers nestle right on top of the foliage. So it is the same height even when it is not in flower.
– Width: Flat ground-hugging shrub to a diameter of 1 to 1.5m approx.
– Position: Partial Shade to even Shade is preferred. So there is no chance the wonderful golden foliage will scorch. Though it is hardy enough to cope end grow happily in Full Sun if needed. 

Best lean & mean

– Water-wise: ‘Diamond Heights’ is recommended for water-conscious gardeners. It is drought resistant, heat resistant, and can manage on fairly minimal watering, once established.
– Soil:
‘Diamond Heights’ prefers leaner soils without too much rich feed. So sandy, gravel, rocky soils, up to average garden loam, are the preferred soil options. Any position should be well drained. And it prefers to be lean and a little thirsty over summer, once it is established.
– Frost: Very frost hardy, and can tolerate frosts to below -10C.
– Growth:
Groundcover shrub. 

Easy care & low maintenance

– Care: Very easy care and little to no maintenance required. You only need to prune it if you wish to re-shape. And it is largely untroubled by any pests or diseases.
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Rated as both deer and rabbit resistant, as they do not like the leathery foliage.

One of the Good Guys

– Fragrance: Flowers are lightly and sweetly scented.
– Beneficial for wildlife: Bees, butterflies and other “good guy” pollinators just love the fuzzy spring blossoms.
– Origin: ‘Diamond Heights’ was a very happy, but accidental, discovery of a variegated branch in a batch of ordinary green foliaged groundcover Ceanothus. And the fortunately variegation remained stable in following generations. This great find took place in the Diamond Heights area in San Francisco, hence the name of the plant.


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