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Cardamine trifolia


Pristine white clusters of sweet little cups hover in spring, looking very fetching above the deep green and decorative trident shaped leaves. Cardamine trifolia THREE-LEAVED BITTERCRESS is a dainty, charming and very useful groundcover, despite the rather unappealing common name. Flowers stand 15cm. tall while the foliage carpet is dense and ground hugging to approx. 30cm. wide.

Tiny but tough groundcover

This tough little charmer makes an evergreen leafy carpet that always looks lush. Because the decorative three pronged leaves remain dark green and fresh looking all year round. 
Cardamine trifolia THREE-LEAVED BITTERCRESS is such a tidy grower, as each plant will form a perfect circular mat to approximately 30cm. diameter. You can plant several in a diamond pattern if you would like a larger spread of green carpet.

Perfect for Deep Shade

Optimum position is in Deep Shade, though Cardamine will tolerate Dappled Shade as long as the sun is not too strong. Best in Deep Shade in hot districts.
Cardamine will tolerate periods of drought, as well as Dry Shade, once it is established. So give it a little help to get settled in and then it will reward you with a tough performance.
Perfect for carpeting under trees and shrubs or in the shadow of walls, with its ever decorative leaves and charming spring blossoms.

Hardy & un-fussy mat

Suitable for a wide range of soil types, from sandy, through average garden loam, to quite heavy clay soils. Cardamine trifolia can cope well with periods of wet and boggy conditions, as well as periods of dry once it is established.
Similarly it can tolerate a wide range of soil pH, from quite acid, through neutral, to alkaline lime soils.
Because it is native to quite hot lands in southern Europe, it can tolerate heat, as long as it is kept well shaded. 
It is very frost hardy in winter, remaining perky and evergreen even in frost below -10C.

Growing: Cardamine trifolia

Height with flowers: 15cm. approx.
Width: Each plant spreads to 30cm. diameter approx. Plant several clumps to make a broader groundcover. Not invasive.
Position: Deep Shade to 1/2 Shade, Dappled Shade, Woodland.
Soil: Wide range of soils, from sandy to clay, from acid pH to alkaline lime. Native habitat is on limestone. 
Fragrance: None
Frost: Very frost hardy to well below -10C.
– Growth: Evergreen perennial groundcover.

Attractive to pollinators and easy care

Beneficial for wildlife: Bees, moths, butterflies and also other useful pollinators really appreciate the nectar in the sweet little spring flowers.
Care: Very low maintenance once established.
Deer & Rabbit resistant: Chewing critters don’t like the bitter taste.
– Origin: Native to Central and southern Europe, where it grows in deep forests and light woodland, especially in limestone country.


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