Cardamine quinquefolia



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Cardamine quinquefolia

Groups of pretty single pink heads are borne above a neat carpet of attractive divided foliage. An invaluable and tough rhizomatous perennial flowering very early and Summer dormant when lots of other plants are awake to take its place. Cardamine quinquefolia LADY’S SMOCK grows to around 20cm tall and spreads to around a metre. Perfect planted around Hostas and other later flowering options in Deep Shade or Dappled light.

Hardy & unfussy mat

Suitable for a wide range of soil types, from sandy, through average garden loam, to quite heavy clay soils. Cardamine quinquefolia LADY’S SMOCK can cope well with periods of wet and boggy conditions, as well as periods of dry once it is established.
Similarly it can tolerate a wide range of soil pH, from quite acid, through neutral, to alkaline lime soils.
Because it is native to quite hot lands it can tolerate heat well, as long as it is kept shaded. 

Growing: Cardamine quinquefolia

– Height with flowers: 20cm approx.
– Width: 90cm approx.
– Position: Deep Shade, Dappled Light and Woodland situations.
– Soil: Preferably Rich, moist yet Well Drained Soil but will tolerate a large range of soils.
– Fragrance:

– Frost: Very hardy down to -10°C.
– Growth:
Herbaceous Perennial
– Attracts: Bees and also other benificial pollinators

– Care: Easy to grow as well as easy care.
– Deer & Rabbit resistant: Not first choice for these nibbling pests but they might have a browse.
– Origin: From Romania to Iran.


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